Lexus already manufactures IT in the united States


The Premium brand of Toyota dominated with authority the market of high-end american for 11 years. Since 2011, he longs to return to the first position, and the start of production on national soil will help to achieve this. The first 2016 Lexus IS 350 has come out of the chain of production of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK), in Georgetown.

Although Lexus are geared to the tastes of that country from the beginning, it has not been until now when there has been a car on their land. The line of production of the Lexus ES has 750 employees, the 10% of the workforce, and a capacity of 50,000 units per year.

To achieve this, we have invested $ 360 million over two and a half years

To change, the manufacturer is saving in taxes 146.5 million dollars. To date, the Lexus IS came in ships from the factory in Kyushu (Japan). This range of models not marketed in Western Europe, but we recently had an exotic sighting in Spain.

Now the factory of Kentucky has a capacity of to 550,000 vehicles per year, that is to say, has been increased by 10%. The production began in this place in 1988, just a year before he arrived to the american soil, the first Lexus LS 400. Recently was held at the plant the milestone of 10 million units produced.

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