Lexus and Porsche brands more reliable in the US by JD Power

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Be considered one of the brands of cars more reliable is something that they dream of the managers of the firms. They work very hard for that customers valued with the best scores in terms of quality, reliability and satisfaction (sometimes it goes too far) to come out well in the picture when you talk about them. However not just any information, because for this type of issues is in the united States JD Power helps us to know which are the signatures most valued and reliable by the demanding consumers of north America.

According to the latest study, prepared by this consulting firm specialized in the automotive sector Lexus and Porsche are the firms more reliable to the consumers in the united States. To carry out this study JD Power has interviewed no less than 35.186 owners of cars in the united States. The age of the cars studied belong to 2014 and the survey was conducted between the months of October and December of last year.

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The number of problems that customers have encountered in vehicles of Lexus and Porsche has been 110 per 100 vehicles. In the case of Lexus, the problems have grown from the 95 points and the Porsche have increased since 97. Within these points, we have that the model that has obtained the least problems per 100 cars studied has achieved only 76 failures. On the contrary, the model with the worse score has obtained 305 problems per 100 vehicles studied. However we do not know what models or what brands have been these models.

On the side of the firms are generalists Toyota has returned to stay with the best because. The japanese firm cup almost all the categories, and together with its subsidiary premium show their good performance in terms of vehicles is concerned. The top 10 would be composed of the following: Lexus, Porsche, Toyota, Buick, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, BMW, Chevrolet, Honda, and Jaguar. Of this top 10, three firms have emerged and these are GMC, Acura, Ram, and Lincoln.

we Must take into account that half the cars obtained 156 failures for every 100 cars tested. In addition, six of the ten brands that are in the top 10 increased their faults per 100 cars surveyed. To finish the greater number of faults comes from the hand of the new technologies and that is causing consumers to move away from the more complex or difficult to use. This is a bad omen for autonomous cars.

Source – JD Power

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