Lexus confirms that there will be a RX of seven seats


Lexus will become a reality a RX of seven squares: RX 450h L

The Lexus RX seven spaces has been officially confirmed. The SUV of average size of a Lexus you will receive a third row of seats as cash Jeff Bracken, Vice-President and General Manager of Lexus, the guys from Automotive News during the celebration of the Hall of New York.

For Lexus, the RX is a model of paramount importance in the united States. The numbers speak alone: more than 100,000 units sold during each of the last three years. In fact it is now the model that sells there the subsidiary of Toyota’s luxury.


More than 300,000 RX have been sold in the US during the last three years

Having already put into context, it is not surprising that the manufacturer is venturing in to add to the SUV a row of extra seats, thing both customers and distributors carry asking for some time. In this way it would become a attractive vehicle of seven seats.

Although to take advantage of the jerk that has the model, Lexus will respect as much as possible the original design of the SUV and their designation. In the beginning we thought on change of name TX but has finally rejected this idea because the acronym RX have a lot of strength. By the way, this new RX of seven squares does not intend to replace the GX but live in the range.


The source indicates that the manufacturer has already registered the names RX 350L and RX 450hL, which correspond presumably to the models of seven squares for the variants with petrol engine V6 and hybrid respectively. The same that are sold on the other side of the pond.

The new Lexus RX seven squares will by the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018 to the united States, you have to confirm whether this is a model global or only for the US.