Lexus could end up with the Lexus CT200h to launch a crossover (and nothing would happen)

A rumor is still a rumor, although the own responsible of Lexus Europe, Alain Uyttenhoven, has stressed that it is not going very wrong-headed. But if we analyze in detail the news to the targeted, the possibility of the Lexus CT200h disappears to leave place to a new hybrid crossover, we will see that it makes sense, much sense. And that is to raise the future of the Lexus CT200h is as simple as recognizing the great responsibility of this product, which is to bring Lexus to a new audience, younger, and above all, stand as an interesting alternative for those that probably have never had a Lexus. And what products are the best that are playing today that role? Yes, you guessed it, the crossover.

With the new Toyota Prius starting at 29.990 euro, you will understand that you continue to amaze us that from 22.900€ it is possible to purchase a Lexus CT200h. And also that not only we are talking about a Lexus at the price of practically a generalist, but a true hybrid, which means this technology. A Toyota Auris Hybrid, for example, starts at 18,000€ a, with special offers included.

Lexus pointed out, rightly, that 50% of the market premium in Europe is below€40,000 a.


The big problem is that the products more attractive and popular a premium that aspires to gain ground on their rivals, and make himself known, they are no longer compact. The crossover, on the other hand, that are excellent to attract new customers, especially at a time like this, in which everything that has look of SUV, or crossover, is triumphant. The proof is in that the most popular product of Lexus in markets such as the us, the Spanish, is the Lexus NX. And with a difference. The Lexus RX, for its part, also boasts of figures very correct for your approach.

The key would be precisely in to equip the Lexus NX of a little brother, more compact, more accessible, more urban, and in numbers closer to 30,000€. A product able to measure from you to you with a Audi Q3 or Mercedes GLA.

And that, very probably, itself was the solution I got that Lexus to have a product access with a true vocation to attract clients, by the thousands, their rivals are more powerful, which in effect are the germans.

which perhaps leads us to believe that the prototype presented last year at the Geneva motor show, and the same one that illustrates this post, was something more than a design exercise…