Lexus has prepared a facelift for the Lexus IS and we’ll meet in the Hall of Pekin

it Seems that Lexus does not want to lose the imminent Hall of Beijing, a salon in which, among other innovations (“do you Want a Audi TT more sporty? The new Audi TT RS could debut this month”) could debut a renovated Lexus IS, a face wash willing to put a day to the saloon smallest of the range of Lexus, the alternative to the BMW 3 Series, the Audi A4, the japanese brand.

For now Lexus only has shown us a preview on the we can see already one of the optical front of this Lexus IS 2017, an optical front that passes us as new features…

No, you won’t miss that second optical characteristic already in this generation of Lexus, the sharp feature in the that are framed by the daytime running lights, but the interior design of the beacon will adopt a new language, while the frame, the exterior silhouette, it will also feature a new look.

we don’t know that more changes will introduce this face wash, if there will be changes in your bumper, on your tires… or even an evolution even more by entering a new multimedia system and a new look at an interior that is presented as the most critical point of this model after the passage of years (an Audi or a BMW in the same segment shows an appearance more current).

Will there be changes in their mechanical? This seems less likely.

let us Remember that the Lexus IS is sold in Spain with a single engine, a propeller hybrid 223 horses who wears the badge of Lexus IS 300h and that has a starting price, without discounts, of 35.900 euros.

Via Motorauthority.