Lexus IS 2017: timid changes, with new bumpers, new lights…

Lexus has upgraded the Lexus IS to offer, in a small face wash, new aesthetic details in its exterior and new nuances of design and equipment in its interior. What’s new on the Lexus IS 2016? Time to find out:

1.- New perspectives:

Lexus IS 2017 debuts a new design for their optical, front and rear, being more obvious the change in the first to have adopted a new outward form, while in the rear it has only been changing the interior design, the arrangement of the different lights.

2.- New bumper:

The bumper adopt timid changes, meeting some new air intakes in the grill. The lateral shots of the bumper also increase your size, especially your height, gives us a greater visual impact.

3.- A new finish for their exhaust outlets:

in the above exhaust outlets, round, now we find ourselves with a new auction design square.


4.- Two new colors and a new set of wheels:

The changes continue on the outside with two new shades of paint, one grey and the other blue, both dark. Also new are wheels of 10-spoke with a size of 17-inch.

5.- A new screen for your multimedia system:

The main change in your interior comes from the hand of a screen increases in size from 7 inches to 10.3 inches. There is also a new shade for your upholstery and other small nuances like a few new cupholders.


Gallery of images of the Lexus IS 2017: