Lexus IS 2017: update of their design for the Hall of Beijing


Lexus IS 2017, the first image of its front: it will be presented officially in the Hall of Beijing 2016

Launched on the market in the year 2013, the current Lexus IS still maintaining a modern and appealing design, but soon you will receive minor cosmetic changes to stay on the crest of the wave. The ‘facelift‘ that we will see in the Lexus IS 2017 will be presented officially in the coming days, taking advantage of the Hall of Beijing in 2016 and will have global significance.

These new aesthetic of the Lexus IS will arrive also to the european model in the coming months, with the MY2017, and will mainly focus on a redesign of its front. While maintaining without too much change to the characteristic grille with the shape of a double trapezoid, the Lexus IS 2017 will be incorporated new bumper and optical front with LED technology.

This front of the new IS will be similar to that seen in prototypes such as the Lexus LF-LC Concept, and in other recent production models of the brand as the coupe Lexus RC. Changes sufficient to give you a look more attractive, but that very probably will not be the only ones: not at the moment know more details of this ‘facelift’ aesthetic, beyond this first image of its front between the shadows.


This is the current Lexus IS: this is the ‘facelift’ we look forward to developments in details of your front, as their optical and bumper

we Believe that among the greatest what’s new on the Lexus IS 2017 also find a few rear lights with new lighting signatures, different alloy wheel designs and a further equipment, with an emphasis on the most technological.

These changes, subtle but also important, will make the Lexus IS 2017 do not fall behind with respect to other sedans ‘premium’ segment D, as the new Audi A4, Mercedes C Class, BMW 3 Series or Infiniti Q50.

Except surprise, it does not seem that there will be changes in your range of engines, while the Lexus IS 200t (a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 245 HP, which is not marketed in Spain) and the outstanding hybrid Lexus IS 300h 223 CV: the next 25 of April, with his official presentation in China, we will tell you all the details.