Lexus IS 250 C. President and Luxury

Undoubtedly Lexus IS 250 is a luxury. Includes a large amount benefits and qualities so special that presents. Lexus Sedan place these models at the top of elegance, luxury and comfort within an extremely powerful sports line.

lexus Presidente & luxury

Lexus IS 250 C emerges as a very luxurious car, with many facilities and equipment that makes it different from all, appears in two versions Presdident and Luxury . Lexus has also model Convertible , a convertible hardtop unique, sporting a lush equipment.

lexus cabrio

This gem comes from Japan with Power gasoline, 208 hp 2.5V, consumption proof of eleven liters, seven road spending thirteen and 65-liter tank for autonomy of approximately 580 km.

Exterior area Lexus IS with elongated, powerful and elegant, frameless doors very wide, LED brake lights, with one, 80 wide, and 4, 65 long.

Built with every imaginable detail, is a real luxury extreme comfort, six-speed automatic or standard control internal temperature in the seats and excellent navigation, audio, climate control and phones, all controlled by a touchscreen.

Auto Power On button, it is not necessary or remove key, the system detects the car and set off by the button. Unique sound system for President Mark Levinson 12-speaker, AFL bi-xenon headlights., Special navigation and parking assistance screen and behind the camera in color.

Everything is overflowing luxury inside and tangible comfort, leather dashboard and seats, four seats, the trunk of 580 liters. Well almost silently.

Lexus gives other security technologies such as security pre collision, or Advanced Stability Control systems that provide greater safety both on the road.

A motor surrounded by luxury everywhere all this gives confidence, sportsmanship and sleeker. Lexus gets a completely luxurious life.

Lexus pictures

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