Lexus IS 300h: the hybrid and well equipped for 33.500 €

Lexus has already passed the barrier of one million hybrid units sold (“there are Already more than a million Lexus hybrids on the streets”) from that in 2005 (the“14 questions and answers about Lexus Multi-Stage Hybrid: what nobody told you of the first hybrid system of Lexus really sporty“) threw him Lexus RX 400h. Currently, Lexus offers a wide range of hybrid options and in fact in promotion we find a Lexus IS 300h that is presented as an interesting option if you are considering a BMW 3 Series.

a Lot of equipment and a mechanical hybrid of 223 horses:

This Lexus IS 300h promotional has a starting price of 33.500 euros, being the discount including associated funding model with the financial proposal for the brand.

The Lexus IS 300h features a mechanical hybrid, which together develops a power of 223 horses, homologando an average consumption of 4.3 l/100 km, being this mechanics associated with a striking aesthetic, even more accentuated if we use the version F Sport.

As equipment the Lexus IS 300h account, with the finish Executive, with a good endowment in the non-missing xenon headlamps, access with smart key, climate control bizona, alloy wheels of 17 inches, two USB sockets, sensors of light and rain, a multimedia system and rear camera.

what are the Options? Aside from your condition of hybrid we can evaluate a Audi A4 Advanced edition with the gasoline engine of 150 horsepower per 33.450 euros (31.150 € if you fund the purchase with Audi). This alternative is interesting for the novel that it is, being the last of the sedans premium-to-market.

you Also can’t rule out alternatives such as the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes Class C.