Lexus Landau (1994): a compact forgotten with all-wheel-drive and eight cylinders

During the 90’s Lexus established its current reign, launching sedans and coupes beautiful, reliable, and luxurious in equal parts. The Lexus LS 400 or GS 300 over a million miles with minimal care, and are the best ambassadors of the brand. Lexus has also collaborated with Italdesign at the same time, and attributed part of the initial success of the brand to its Italian designs. In 1994 both companies pergeñaron a curious compact vehicle, and decades before that the CT 200h was launched to the market. It was called Lexus Landau.

The Lexus Landau was presented at the Geneva motor show in 1994, without a good reception by the public.

Ll same time that Oasis were throwing their “Definitely Maybe” or premiered “The Lion King” in theaters, Lexus and Italdesign showed in society the Lexus Landau. It was a compact, of dimensions slightly larger than a Volkswagen Golf of the time. With by 4.35 meters in length, was based on the platform of the Lexus GS 300 first generation. Of the sedan the japanese inherited the frame, the same on which they built a body-ad-hoc, approximately 60 centimeters shorter than the three volumes of the GS 300.

lexus-landau-concept-7The Lexus GS 300 was the same car that the Toyota Aristo in the japanese market, where Lexus was not launched as a brand. The Aristo had an advanced intelligent awd system, and was available with the engine 4.0 V8 250 HP, which premiered in 1989, the fantastic Lexus LS 400. To Italdesign there was not much to think: they used a Toyota Aristo as a base – hence the reason for the steering wheel of the car was to the right – and retained both its powerful V8 as its all-wheel drive system permanent.

“Landau” is a horse-drawn four-seater, a luxurious means of transport in nineteenth-century.

Italdesign has innovated with the design of your body. A design that today has aged not too well: it reminds us of Korean cars and american of the time, cars that never highlighted nor by design nor by quality. Is a design bulbous, organic. In some of the glazed surfaces were used innovative processes of tempering due to the demands of the design. The fall of the rear of the Lexus Landau itself is too severe, aborting the boot and giving the car a proportions a little weird.

lexus-landau-concept-5In the interior Italdesign installed luxurious armchairs leather, trying to give it a more premium car. The Lexus Landau was presented to the public in the distant Geneva, 1994. The reception of the prototype was not too warm, and Lexus decided that it was not a good idea to continue your project of high performance compact, even with modifications, or mechanical aesthetic. It would not be until the second decade of the TWENTY-first Century when Lexus launched the CT 200h, based on the hybrid architecture of the Toyota Prius.

Source: Jalopnik