Lexus launches the image in its new dealership in A Coruña


Lexus inaugurates new dealer in A Coruña, and does so in a big way. Breogán Autolux will be the Center Lexus largest in size of all of Spain, with facilities covering more than 4,000 square metres. In addition, it also has the honor of inaugurating the new corporate image of the brand, “Lexus 2020”, which makes emphasis on luxury and comfort for the client.

Between the huge area of Breogán Autolux is the exposure of new vehicles and occasion, in addition to a relaxation area, reception, workshop and other rooms for specific to the configuration of a new car, or to the selection of colors and upholstery. In this way they can offer customers a comprehensive service that covers any need.


The design of this Lexus dealer in A Coruña takes the image ‘Lexus Vision 2020’, that will come later to other centers of the brand. And is that a manufacturer premium not only does it have to be, but also seem good, from the first to the last detail, including the treatment of the client.

nippon mark has completely renovated the design of its exhibitors, by adopting style and modernity in aspects such as their soils refractory function mirror (allowing to appreciate the lower parts of the vehicle without effort), or the different spaces of ambient light and colours combined with the light from the outside.

This Center Lexus seeks to pamper the customer, offering all sorts of amenities. To do this have been inspired in the five star hotels in details, such as a living room ‘lounge’ waiting, parking preferred, free coffee, daily newspapers or the internet through Wi-Fi. Will be located in the access to the city of A Coruña, an area in which BMW, Audi or Mercedes-Benz, among other brands, also have dealers.