Lexus LC 2017, we anticipate its price and equipment in Spain

Lexus LC 500

The year began with an important novelty that came from the Detroit motor show. The Lexus LC 500 made its appearance stellar and surprising for the whole world for its attractive design and its forms of sport coupe. Kept that configuration 2+2, and that picture anticipating the Lexus LC-LF it’s already been four years. Only a month later appeared the Lexus LC 500h, the other version that was to be added to the range with a mechanical hybrid.

In this way, we find ourselves with two sports practically identical and with the same aggressiveness on the outside, but very different on the inside. The Lexus LC 500 mounts a motor aspirated V8 5.0-liter that develops a power of 477 HP and 527 Nm that pass directly to the rear wheels. To be bound to a new automatic transmission 10-speed. It will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds.

on the other hand is the Lexus LC 500h, which mounts a mechanical Multistage Hybrid. Here we combine a V6 engine of 3.5 liters with another electric thruster to achieve a combined capacity of 359 HP. In this case, comes equipped with a gearbox four-speed automatic. Will do the 0 to 100 km/h in about 5 seconds. Although there are several months for your arrival to the dealers, we anticipate your price and equipment in Spain.

Equipment Lexus LC 2017

Lexus LC 500 2017


  • 20-inch Wheels
  • Headlights Bi-LED
  • Leather Semi-Aniline
  • Browser premium
  • Sound Mark Levinson
  • solar Roof
  • Head Up Display
  • parking Sensors
  • Wizard dead angle
  • Modes: AVS-ECO/Normal/Sport/Sport +
  • Lexus Safety System +
  • adaptive cruise Control

Sport +

  • Equipment Luxury
  • Wheels 21 inches
  • sport Seats
  • Roof of carbon
  • rear Spoiler-retractable
  • rear Steering DRS
  • VGRS

Prices Lexus LC 2017 in Spain

Lexus LC 500h

Model Motorization Finish Price
Model Motorization Finish Price
LC 500h V6 Multistage Hybrid Luxury 120.000 €
LC 500h V6 Multistage Hybrid Sport + 130.000 €
LK 500 V8 Gas Luxury 140.000 €
LK 500 V8 Gas Sport + 150.000 €

Source – Lexus