Lexus LC 500: a 2+2 high-flying and engine V8 477 CV. Everything you need to know about the Lexus more sporty from the LFA

Akio Toyoda has an obsession, that the adjective boring may not appear never more associated to Lexus. An obsession that has been passed to their team of engineers and designers. An obsession that should define the present and the future of the brand. Lexus wants to be something more than luxury, and comfort, it wants to be synonymous with performance and sportsmanship. And the best example we have in the new jewel of the crown. It’s called Lexus LC 500 and, according to its creators, is the Lexus more sporty since the Lexus LFA. Words older.

Lexus dixit: “this is the Lexus more sporty from the LFA and he has put all the meat on the grill to create the chassis more agile of the history of the brand.”

What is the Lexus LC 500? we have Before us a sports coupe 2+2 seater, with a halo supercar, and barely 6 inches longer than a Lexus RC F. Under the hood hides the same heart of the new sporting home, the RC F and GS F, an aspirated V8 5.0-liter, with 477 horsepower at 7.100 rpm. A sporty red line on the 7.300 rpm and a sound convincing. Without going more far, Lexus would have redesigned the admission of this engine for the Lexus RC 500 in order to achieve a sound even more powerful and further enhance these notes with an active exhaust, designed to provide a sound gross in Sport mode throughout the rev range, from 3,500 rpm in Normal mode.

why is maximum power? Lexus continues to stand by the engines of eight cylinders in a v without turboalimentar for durability, but above all to provide balance and a delivery line then easier to control.


The Lexus LC 500 debuts new automatic – torque converter – 10 relations, an important aspect that would be necessary for the japanese brand. According to Lexus have chosen this change for being lightweight, reliable and accurate, and you say so fast in the transition of gears as the change of double clutch of the competition. Why 10 relationships? According to Lexus they have managed this change to be lighter than other changes with similar technology of 8 relations, and that a wider range of speeds will contribute to improving your performance in a sporting situation, and to be more efficient in the day-to-day.

automatic change would be driven by a software that you want to anticipate the intentions of the driver, monitoring the acceleration, braking and G-forces side, to find the up ideal in each moment. Although you will be with me in that the most fun will still change gear manually using their cams in the steering wheel.

The transmission directs its 477 BHP of power directly to the rear axle
. According to Lexus the 0 to 100 km/h will apply in around 4.5 seconds. Are not impressive numbers, but in any case it does not seem that Lexus will worry to excess, nor who are willing to be engaged in wars of power, often somewhat absurd.

lexus-lc-500-2016-02For Lexus yeah, it was really important to to create the best chassis in the history of the brand. And above all, maintain a quality rolling excellent, as they worked to get a tune-up, very sporty, for a model that stands as the flagship sports of the brand, and bet more radical from the Lexus LFA.

The Lexus LC 500 has been built on the new platform of rear-wheel drive of the brand, that will be the foundation on which to build new models of traction in the rear and front of the Lexus. One of the goals of Lexus was going to put all of the weight, to the extent possible, in the lowest position and centered the car. To do this placed the engine very delayed, with a good part of his weight resting behind the front axle.

In their obsession to achieve a weight distribution ideal, Lexus moved even the starter battery to the rear trunk.

lexus-lc-500-2016-01The weight was one of the major priorities of Lexus, hence they opt to make use of very extensive of materials like aluminum or carbon fiber. The Lexus LC 500 will have a roof and structures of carbon fiber, as well as aluminum doors, and high-strength steels in other structural elements and bodywork. The weight distribution has been located at around 52% front and 48% (behind).

Another statement of intent of the brand is the following: according to Lexus they will work with commitment throughout the commercial life of this product to improve it progressively. Thus, we understand that there will be small periodic updates to improve those points susceptible of improvement.

Lexus also ensures that have put in the maximum effort possible in the implementation of the direction, the stiffness of the suspension, and geometry, to find the perfect spot in which the touch and response of the steering was perfect.

lexus-lc-500-31beyond all this, Lexus has created a product extremely eye-catching. We are glad to note, on the other hand, your design is very faithful to the prototype Lexus LF-LC that had been presented in different motor shows over the past few years.

a design that not only responds to matters aesthetic, but also functional. Be placed on the market with wheels of 20 and 21 inches, a large diffuser and an active rear spoiler which aims to improve its aerodynamics. You can carry even with a panoramic roof glass, supplied as standard, although this will have to do without the roof of carbon fiber that has been created Lexus to reduce as far as possible to your center of gravity.

lexus-lc-500-2016-04And aboard, in spite of everything will remain a Lexus. High quality finishes, a team of entertainment central, buenos trimmed of skin that extend to the door panels, and virtually any section of the dashboard, and everything that anyone could wish to have in a luxury car.

This year, we will know many more details about this new Lexus. Details we will be happy to tell you. For the moment Lexus has left us eager to see to what extent we are in front of the Lexus more sporty and passionate from the LFA, a supercar that certainly can not be regarded as the predecessor of this new Lexus LC 500.


The roars of the LFA, its acceleration, and its speed to win revolutions, we still do wake up fearful in the night. Do you get the same this Lexus LC 500?

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