Lexus LC 500, the absolute protagonist of the Lexus Visionary Experience

Lexus LC 500Lexus Visionary Experience. Three words that give name to the event when we invited the premium brand nippon. Admittedly, there was something of intrigue in the environment since we didn’t know very well that we were facing. When you arrive at an elegant mansion outside of Madrid, we catch a great scenery with two teams of image, sound and lights, as if a concert were. And wasn’t the thing wrong-headed.

But it could not be a simple audio-visual show, any model of the range would have to be present at this party. Think of a Lexus, current, what comes to your head? To us the first thing that happens to us is the Lexus LC 500, the new sports coupé that was presented earlier this year at the Detroit motor show. The firm announced a couple days that would be present in the Madrid Auto from 10 to 16 of this same month, therefore we would not expect to see him before this event. Or yes?

Begins the Lexus Visionary Experience with a video encouraging. The Lexus LC 500 and the actress Mar Saura consists of two bellezones sharing screen to a new promotion of the brand. But the thing does not stop there, as the next jump to the stage is Monica Carrillo, the popular presenter of the news of Antena 3, that this night will be in quality of writer, as his new novel has something in common with Lexus.

Both try to convey emotions and in this case the sound is one of the main roads. His speech was interspersed with some videos that show some of the models that carry the F in his last name. These sports are accompanied by the song that triumphed at the year of your birth and so we find the IS F between the chords of Somebody Told Me by The Killers, the RC F, with the optimism of the Happy of Pharrell Williams, or the GS F with the Uptown Funk of Bruno Mars.

Lexus LC 500There is room for those great artists who left us recently, as is the case of David Bowie or Prince. Also for some winners at the national level, those that have managed to to break down some barriers as Carolina Marin in badminton or Javier Hernandez in skating. After sounds David Guetta and once again we find the LC 500 which seems to be ubiquitous this evening. It heralds a novelty off-topic, Lexus has made the first song composed entirely by the sound of their engines F. For three minutes that melody atruena our ears.

After the most artistic part, Miguel Carsi, General Manager of Lexus Spain, puts us abreast of changes in the mark. Emphasis is placed on the evolution especially at the design level. The models of the brand are intended to to leave the boredom to a side, is to transmit to the client, not to leave anyone indifferent. It reminds us that at the Detroit motor show 2012 began this journey with the Lexus LC-LF, a mere exercise of design that went into the production plans due to the good reception by the public.

Lexus LC 500And soon we will have the Lexus LC 500 and the Lexus LC 500h rolling on our streets. He reveals that it is precisely a year, since coming to Spain in may 2017. The version with a conventional gasoline engine will come with a powerful aspirated V8 5.0-liter that develops a power of 477 HP and is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in about 4.5 seconds. His brother with hybrid drive system combines a gasoline engine V6 of 3.5 liters with one electric. In total, we get 359 HP that push the LC 500h from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds.

Another of the great novelties of these sports with rear-wheel drive configuration and 2+2 is your new platform. Allows for a low center of gravity and in addition it is more resistant than that of the Lexus LFA thanks to materials like carbon fiber or aluminum. The interior is also updated and still provides a quality sensation thanks to the luscious finish and craftsmanship. Everything is assembled by hand by the teachers ‘Takumi’ (artisans in japanese) brand.

Lexus LC 500, And so without prior notice to you, another video on the screen that suddenly opens up, and enters the Lexus LC 500 between a curtain of smoke. The staging could not be more spectacular and between the spotlights and the smoke begins to roar its V8. Remember that we are seeing this model in the first-fruits and for the first time in Europe and the truth is that it doesn’t disappoint. Around the stage we started to swirl all attendees to immortalize the memory with a photo of the new sports.

Spend several minutes before you go clearing the stage. Circling around them and we captivates from all angles. The front exudes personality with the huge mesh grille with distinctive design of the brand and the daytime running lights of LED in the form of ‘L’ lying down. If we turn a bit more huge wheels of 21 inches (standard are 20-inch) and a few accented wheel arches add a muscular substantial.

Lexus LC 500time Passes and I get up to the stage to meet up with the Lexus LC 500 more closely. For the first time, I can appreciate your behind, which highlights the spoiler retractable and to its side a few pilots ripped with a spectacular design. We must not stop naming the developed rear diffuser which integrates two exhaust outlets. The brand has asked us to do not got in its interior, since this is a prototype, but yes we can observe it carefully.

As already mentioned before, the quality is perceived even from the outside, and the update is notable. The interior of the CL 500 was put at the day and in the center console dominates the touch screen that controls the infotainment. Also called attention to the steering wheel and the sport seats, a penalty which for the moment only we can imagine how we would. We said goodbye with a feeling bittersweet: the sweetness it brings to have met you in person at the spectacular marina, the sour touch is the feeling that we are to test it dynamically. It will all come.