Lexus LC F, what we signed for a CL 500 still more sporty?

Lexus LC F recreaciónLexus has arrived at the Detroit motor show very strong. There, we have presented a production car that has more of that prototype car of street, the Lexus LC 500. It is based strongly in their concept, getting a sleeved design on the basis of a sports coupe that has everything to be a kind of successor of the lamented LFA. Now know is a recreation to us about a course Lexus LC F, a version even more sports.

is Not confirmed nor we are confident that you can exist, even if faced with the question of if Lexus will dare to launch a new supercar, we are left with the idea of seeing a coupe like the CL with a good handful of reasons to become a sport of very high performance.

Lexus LC 500 2017

Lexus LC 500

There are changes in the body, such as a front bumper with larger air intakes and more aggressive, a new style for the front grille, fins flared, or at least side gills, a new air intake in the hood or some new rims. In this case, the same who launched the Lexus RC F.

The idea is to create a version more sports the same, so just your name in F. And it is not difficult for us to see, bearing in mind that Lexus aims to boost its range of sports F, having the RC F and GS F in the market. The series model leads to precisely the same engine aspirated V8 5.0-liter with 476 horses of power. Wait is that you reach more power, to reach.

Seek a client still more exclusive and demanding, a client that is not in accordance with a sports coupe unique, but someone who also need a number even lower units, a greater exoticism. We know nothing of your arrival, if it arrives. Although it is not surprising that right-taking into account the strategy of Lexus of apellidar LC 500 series model, leaving still open the door to this version LK F high-performance.

Source – X-Tomi