Lexus LC F, you might as well be the sports version of the CL 500, which will arrive in 2019

Lexus LC F render do You remember the Lexus LC 500? Sure that will be hard to forget that coupe presented at the beginning of this year in the Salon de Detroit. The reason is that this car was a risky bet that broke with the previous we had seen in the brand nippon. Although this model will not come to market until may 2017 are already starting the speculation. Apparently one could already be brewing a version more sports: Lexus LC F.

Although it is still early for details as this vehicle will not see the light until the year 2019. Luckily, thanks to this recreation that comes to us through our fellow is, we can imagine as it would be their appearance. For this variant we find ourselves outside more radical, with a body quite as wide and sharp. We will keep other aspects, which had been inherited directly from its prototype, the Lexus LC-LF.

Lexus LC F renderIn the render, the Lexus LC F looks awesome with the paint micalizada ‘Ultrasonic Blue’, a sign of identity of the sports models Lexus F. Other aspects that call for attention will be the new air inlets, the prominent front spoiler or a rear diffuser redesigned hosting four outputs of the exhaust. These are placed two on each side in diagonal and have a circular shape. The tires of 21 inches also change their design with respect to the series.

the mechanics of The future Lexus LC F will be another of the things that will talk about. Let us remember that the Lexus LC 500 is featured with an engine aspirated V8 5.0-liter and 477 HP. Don’t forget his brother the Lexus LC 500h, which formed part of a mechanical hybrid formed by a V6 of 3.5 liters and an electric engine that delivered a total of 359 HP. We assume that to be a version more sports be decanted for the first.

Lexus LC F renderAlthough there is another rumor that is gaining weight and that says that you could used turbocharging despite the tradition of atmospheric Lexus F. In this way under the hood could have a V8 ‘twin-turbo’ which would bring your power up to a figure understood between 550 and 600 BHP. As the LC 500, also would be the innovative gearbox automatic ten speeds, which will be tuned to be even faster.

What is more clear is that the Lexus LC F will not lack dynamism thanks to systems such as the vector control of the motor torque, which directs power to each wheel individually. You will also have a grounding point on the chassis more sporty and you can wait a few performance far superior. Sure that it will improve the 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, which made the LC 500. But still we will have to wait to confirm this, at least a couple of years.

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