Lexus LF-1, the design of future SUV from the japanese presented in Detroit

As we were making our way to the start of this new year, Lexus presented today its new Lexus LF-1, their prototype to show the roadmap for their future designs, at least for the todocaminos of the signature of luxury japanese. Presented at the Detroit Auto show, highlighted by a few of the ways ground-breaking and very futuristic.

The Lexus LF-1 could perfectly be the base on which to develop the lines of the next generation of the RX, the SUV, the largest of the japanese company. Designed by a team of the firm in California, the LF-1 features a silhouette of the coupé, meaning that it will be, in the near future, the rival of the Audi Q8 and the next-generation of the BMW X6.

Starting with the exterior design, specifically the front, looks like a grill immense that it covers the entire surface. This is something we see in all models of Lexus, and maybe their current model is more like the Lexus RX, where we also find a large grill with the form of a double arrow. The lights are forming the L typical of Lexus, but with a futuristic design, using the pilots to separate the hood from the side of the body.

Following by the side, we note the absence of lateral mirrors. As we have said, it is a SUV Coupe, and this is demonstrated by the drop in the rear of the body. Incorporates wheels 10-spoke silver-colored. We also found a small air intake for the cooling of the rear brakes. Your lines are very stylized, as we expect from Lexus in all its models.

Something that seems to be the trend in the luxury brands are japanese, like we saw recently in the Infiniti Q Inspiration, is to incorporate a few drivers rear fill behind, expanding the sense of the width of the model. The Lexus LF-1 also with a few diffusers in the lower part which increase the appearance of a sporty vehicle.

The interior, without a doubt, is where this new Lexus LF-1 most resembles a spaceship. Debuts a new design of steering wheel with less buttons than the current one and with a way more sporty, indicating the mode in which circulates in the upper part. The speedometer is formed by a digital display which will indicate the necessary information.

More screens we find, both in the dashboard, with a large crown in the front of the vehicle, as in the lower part of the center console, where you can find a small panel with shortcuts to functions as calls, music, or settings.

The infotainment system is designed to anticipate the needs of the occupants. For example, if we have a low level of fuel, you can create a route to the nearest gas station, or if the time is approaching when of food and our journey forces us to eat away from home, you will find a restaurant for us.

According to what we can see in this Lexus LF-1, two aspects are quite important in the firm nippon. The first, details. This is not something that we are caught by surprise because Lexus knows how to take care of quite a lot of them. The second, the artificial intelligence. Is getting lately fashionable in the phone that smartphones are incorporating processors able to anticipate the needs of the user. One more proof that the mobile industry and the automotive will walk very evenly-matched, in terms of technology, in the coming years.

About the propulsion system that will mount this Lexus LF-1, the japanese have not revealed any technical aspect of the vehicle, but according to comment would be powered by a wide range of types of technologies, as there could be a hydrogen fuel cell, a hybrid system plug-in or be fully electric.

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