Lexus LF-FC: hydrogen, a new design, luxury… you are looking at the Lexus LS in the future

Lexus has chosen the Living in Tokyo, the living room of “home”, to show us the future of his luxury sedan, a foretaste of the next generation of Lexus LS. Conceptual still, baptized as Lexus LF-FC, this Lexus LS in the future proposes to us as new and important changes in its design language, new technologies and solutions in your passenger compartment, and a mechanical outline of a fuel cell, using the hydrogen.

L-Finesse: a new design for this preview of the next Lexus LS:

Tokuo Fukuichi, president of Lexus, makes it clear: the LF-FC is the vision of the not too distant future.

Under the name of “L-Finesse” Lexus has brought to life a new language of design where we come up with a few lines more fluid, with few lateral veins less marked, although we also met don a few traits front is already known, with that characteristic grille, with these lenses double.

Stands out in this design, beyond the above-mentioned profile, more soft, “puntiguados” front wheel, the large vertical shots of its front and the rectangle perfectly defined his behind, with some peculiar optical and a lump aerodynamics well marked in the trunk.

In figures this Lexus LF-FC a length of 5.3 meters, a width of 2 meters and a height of 1.41 meters.

For your tires, Lexus has resorted to the CFRP, polymers reinforced with carbon fiber.

as with the Mercedes S Class, with the BMW 7-Series and the Audi A8, the great charm of this segment resides in the majority of cases, in an interior full of luxuries, first quality, and gadgets that gradually, over the years, we will see in cars of lower segments, it is therefore obliged to review the interior of this Lexus LF-FC.

In a futuristic atmosphere, its own condition of conceptual car, we have a few seats marked lateral grip, a fully digital instrumentation and a good performance on the part of the ambient lighting, with a dashboard that was really futuristic, but what should focus our attention in these places, front is in the hologram which stands in the centre console, a hologram which advances a control system by gestures, you sound something? Yes, the BMW Series 7 already has a system of gestural control to your multimedia system and Lexus seems willing to make it more visual.

The rear seats are discharged with two butacones independent, broad backrest and footrest down. Don’t miss the futuristic twist in the form of two screens located in the central bridge, as also lack the traditional touch and luxurious in the form of a wide array of wood, giving way to the aforementioned tunnel and central to the back of the seats.

A mechanical powered by hydrogen for the large sedan from Lexus:

The Lexus LF-FC we also proposed significant updates to its mechanics and it is under this body of new strokes is hiding a set of fuel cell, a mechanical-driven hydrogen that makes clear the importance of this fuel for Toyota. No data about its power, about its specs, we know that Lexus has taken care of the distribution of elements to achieve a good distribution of weights and that next to a unit that is in charge of the rear axle, we find two engines that are in charge of the train front, reminding us as well of a system awd.


Gallery of images of the LExus LF-FC: