Lexus LIT IS; the car chameleon to not get bored of the color of the body

Lexus LIT IS

At the time of buy a new car, one of the details that you look at and study is the color of the body. There are, as in all things of life, colors that never go out of fashion or that they are standard (by calling them somehow) and that they always come in handy to the majority of products. However, with the fashion that has been imposed by customize to what color to check the smoke the car (that is an exaggeration) we have that the color of the body has become a sensitive element at the time of purchasing a new car.

In the case of the paintings Nissan took the step initial as presented a vehicle that was capable of self-repair small scratches. However, the signature premium from Toyota, Lexus, has gone beyond that and to has presented an image stabilizer with 41.999 small leds multicolor that allow the vehicle owner to set it up so total. As you can see in the photo and video below the possibilities are endless and with them we will be able to have a car that is utterly unique in the eyes of all the world.

With this layer of leds the Lexus becomes a car completely chameleon because you can even personalize your bodywork with geometric elements. The model that takes this technology is called LIT IS, and even if we never see the world’s roads is a sample of what is involved that are the brands to give taste to their customers. For its creation, the firm has needed nothing more and nothing less quand 1.6 kilometres of cables.

When this model is in its maximum splendour iluminatorio is capable of producing up to 175,000-square-lumens. However, this model could be very attractive for advertising agencies and businesses who live off advertising on the bodywork of their cars. The reason is that to be completely configurable, the customer can choose at each time the message or color project and therefore become an authentic poster, rolling.

Source – Lexus

Lexus IS
From 35.900 euro