Lexus LS 2018 in its final layout, latest spy photos


The optical front, appear for the first time.

again, we have been able to capture a mule testing of the future Lexus LS 2018. On this occasion, our photographers have managed to capture the first images of one of these prototypes are already in their definitive settings. After briefly studying this new series of spy photos, we find as the model already has what seem to be its optical final.

Previously, we were able to see some mules initials, that had more obvious elements of lighting provisional. In this case, the LS 2018 you still have the same silhouette that suggested by the previous prototypes, but we discovered a new optical usually very well concealed.

In the previous area we see a few beacons of horizontal type after a large transparent housing, that allows us to peer in to the internal distribution of its elements. While in the behind is appearing on various red dots that invite us to think that they LED, although the camouflage does not allow us to glimpse the ways of the optics if, as it happens in the front.


Its design drinks of the LF-LC concept.

The presentation of this new model should be already in 2017, such as model year 2018, and its earliest date could be in the same Room in Detroit, which will be held in January 2017, or as in the spring, where we find the same Geneva motor show in Europe or New York, in north America.

As was the case with the previous mules hunted, this new generation seems to take inspiration from the Lexus LF-LC Concept. Although the major developments are found in the technical section, with the addition of a version driven by hydrogen fuel cell, an evolution of the same system that already uses Toyota the Mirai. This version will be accompanied by a hybrid version of traditional, as well as a range of mechanical gasoline.

The new policy from Toyota on propulsion systems, not confirmed yet by the brand, suggests that sooner or later we could find us a version fully electric in the range Lexus. Although this scenario has a horizon very far yet, so that would not be likely to find in this new model, a variant of this type, at least in its first cycle of life.