Lexus LS 2018: latest development next to your presentation


Already with his definitive settings.

Next to his presentation, which we hope to be in the Hall of Detroit 2017, the engineers at Lexus are nalizing the development of the new Lexus LS 2018. Whose evolution has been reflected in the numerous spy photos that we have been able to offer in the last few months.

Currently, the japanese brand is already testing the latest units validation. Because as we can see in these new images, the model already has its definitive elements, such as the light clusters front and rear.

This new generation, long-awaited since the current LS carries a decade on the market, will mean a breakthrough in technology. As to the well-known developments in areas such as the equipment or systems, infotainment and connectivity, that will be the most advanced of the brand, will join the premiere of the future version driven by hydrogen.


Volumes similar to those of the LF-LC.

This version would be the first of that nature in the segment of the vehicle of representation, adopting a scheme similar to the one that Toyota uses in the Mirai.

The design of this new generation will be more restrained than that of other models of the brand, resulting in more sober. As we can see in these spy photos, the model is able to acquire the proportions already seen in the Lexus LF-LC Concept. Prototype that anticipated the new generation of the LS.

As we can see in the recreation, extracted from a japanese media, this new generation outlines the most radical gesture of the LF-LC Concept, with the lines of the usual design language of the brand, but not go to extremes as the NX SUV or coupe LK.


Recreation of the japanese press, with some features of a Camry 2018.

The huge front grille follows the same scheme as in in form of sand clock, of great size, with the optical minimized and the particular LED daytime running lights in the shape of a boomerang.