Lexus LS 2018: the 5 keys of the new generation of the sedan by japanese luxury

Lexus LS 2018 - 5 claves

we Analyze the 5 keys to the new Lexus LS 2018.

just a few hours that new generation (the fifth) of the Lexus LS has made her debut in society in the “cradle of the automobile”. The scenario chosen by Lexus for putting over new LS has been the Detroit Auto show 2017, and as expected, it has captured much of the attention of media and audience to this important event for the sector.

many Are the novelties and improvements introduced by the new Lexus LS 2018 with respect to its predecessor. We are before a model is much more advanced in all aspects, and therefore, we see interesting analysis of the most important keys of the new Lexus LS to comprehend with all luxury of details what we offer the new generation of the sedan by japanese luxury.

From a design more stylish and modern, up to an (improved mechanical and more efficient, passing by a breakthrough technological level in all fields. Let’s detail each one of the 5 keys to the Lexus LS 2018.

Lexus LS 2018 - frontal

this is the front of the new Lexus LS 2018. A model that is more slim and modern.

1. A design that is more stylized and dynamic

At first sight it appears as if Lexus had decided not to risk in the design of the new generation of the LS. However, after analyzing the exterior and interior from all angles, we realize that, in whole, all the changes made to help to completely renew the image that we perceive of the sedan japanese. Its prominent front remains one of its main features, although it is “seasoned” with other details like new headlights and different lines that they transmit to us the feeling of being in front of a vehicle forms are very sharp. Has a design that is more stylized, elegant and with the characteristic hint of the japanese designers.

In regards to his behavior, the new frame incorporates a management system dynamics that allows you to control all the parameters of the suspension, brakes and steering while the steering systems (front and rear axle) provide greater control of stability and movement of the body. In short, a response more dynamic in all kinds of situations.

To get an idea more graphical possibilities of the new Lexus LS is that it has a system capable of lifting the vehicle by means of the suspension to make it more easy the manoeuvre of access to the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

Lexus LS 2018 - faros

the headlights of The new Lexus LS, the detail.

2. New platform and weight reduction

The new generation of the Lexus LS, the fifth, premiered among other developments, the new platform GA-L of the signature japanese. Such an architecture has been used also in the new Lexus LC 500 and is aimed at the premium vehicles of the brand with rear-wheel drive. Thanks to its manufacturing materials are used very light pair resistant, the new Lexus LS offers a significant weight reduction.

In comparison with the outgoing model, the new LS is up to 90 kilograms lighter. A factor which results in a better behavior of the vehicle during the driving as well as greater efficiency at the level of consumption and emissions. The aluminum and the steels of high-resistant are the order of the day on the platform that underpins the Lexus LS 2018. In addition to that offers a greater stiffness to increase safety in the event of an accident or collision.

Lexus LS 2018 - interior

the interior of The Lexus LS 2018 combines the most advanced technology with noble materials and first quality.

3. Important step at a technological level

as has become customary in other models of Lexus, one of their maximum exponents in technology are the optical. The new LS debuts new headlights and lights for the daytime running LED technology and with the shape of a boomerang. The taillights also are reshaped. These external elements help to modernize and stylize the exterior image of the renewed sedan of Lexus. However, it is not the only detail subrayable.

If we take a look at your cabin, we see that the new Lexus gets a new infotainment system with a screen of 12.3 inches high-resolution as a dashboard fully digital and customizable. Two of the keys that help to create an environment connected and advanced.

Another first, which introduces the Lexus LS 2018 is the new sound system 3D Mark Levinson which will provide “an experience beyond what is seen in its rivals,” according to the japanese manufacturer.

Lexus LS 2018

Also premiering new driving aids such as the system of detection of pedestrians.

4. New mechanical V6 with over 400 HP

IN the absence of knowing what will be the offer available in Europe and the range to the full and that in the future will be added to the relevant version hybrid technology from Lexus, after its premiere in the united States, the new LS 2018 will be available in the market along with a new V6 engine of 3.5-liter Twin-Turbo with 420 HP (415 HP) and 5099 Nm of maximum torque. This new block of gasoline comes to occupy the position of the V8 engine used by the LS 500 previous generation.

The new V6 engine 420 HP will be associated with a automatic gearbox 10 speed. The same transmission used by the Lexus LC 500, model with, as we have said, it saves a lot of relation to the new LS. You will also both with rear-wheel drive as total. Thanks to this mechanic, the Lexus LS 2018 will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds (for the version of awd).

Although for now there are no official figures of consumption and emissions, Lexus stresses that we are faced with a much more efficient model than its predecessor.

Lexus LS 2018 - lateral

Under its hood, we find a V6 engine 3.5 Twin-Turbo 420 HP (415 HP).

5. More driving aids

Was another point to keep in mind because, like the rest of its rivals, Lexus (and Toyota) are working very hard to develop new support systems and driving assistance. The new generation of the Lexus LS is no exception to this, and premieres new technologies with which to be able to enjoy driving more safe and comfortable.

One of the main innovations in this aspect is the introduction of the new technology pedestrian detection intuitive and with active steering. Thanks to this system, the vehicle itself is able to identify a pedestrian that we could run over to brake automatically and avoid it at the same time that you will try to avoid exiting the lane in which we are circulating.

To this we must add the Lexus Safety System + as well as the optional package of advanced security to do this, one of the sedans safest in its segment.