Lexus LS 2018: The new flagship that detects and avoids pedestrians alone


The new LS2018 is more stylized.

Although I already knew from weeks ago, and despite the fact that his design had leaked in a few renders very posibilistas in the japanese press, has not ceased to surprise us to know the new Lexus LS 2018, the fifth generation of the model that receives its premiere at the Detroit Auto show.

The new Lexus LS adopts more dynamic styling and is much lower than before. Their lines to sculpt a car body very sharp, in which the folds are sculpting their different areas, from the sharp front, with the long-awaited and vast grill-corporate, up to waist line. The volume of the trunk loses some of the limelight because of a passenger compartment which extends to the back, with a C-pillar more rounded that ends after the rear wheel arch.

The optics are a true sculpture, in the area in front of the designers of Lexus have returned to give another twist to the typical design in boomerang of the LED daytime running lights, while in the body of the lens now three projectors. The taillights will also receive new forms, with a lateral area which extends at an artistic peak on the side of the rear.


More luxurious now it is sumptuous.

The interior has a compartment in which to note the worked out design process, with a few finishes not only visibly more sumptuous, but have a loaded art component. The main detail to be found in the dashboard, with a trim that incorporate a lines of style in which to integrate the grids of the outputs of the ventilation.

In the rest of the cabin we find many leather finishes, combination of color in units of the official photos, and many details of exquisite invoice. As the game of diamonds of the backups or the smooth curves drawn in the insets of the doors with the seams.

The seats have heating function, massage and even, in the rear bench, can recline up to 48 degrees or get up to 24 degrees so that the passenger can exit the vehicle with more comfort.


New platform GA-L and control built-in dynamic.


This new generation is based on the new platform GA-L of Lexus, that also used the recent LC500 and that is intended for premium vehicles rear-wheel-drive. This platform uses lightweight materials in its construction, which saves up to 90 kilograms compared with the previous generation of the LS.

In regards to your rack, incorporates a system management dynamics that controls all the parameters of the suspension, brakes or steering, so that together with the stabilizer bars and active steering systems of the front and rear axle allows for a better control of the stability and movement of the body.

One of the most clever systems that are available on the new LS is the possibility of lifting the vehicle using the suspension to make it more easy to maneuver access to the interior.


a Lot of technology and design more personal.

At the mechanistic level, we find a new V6 engine, double supercharged 3.5-liter associated to an automatic transmission of 10 relationships, the same used in the LC500. This block replaces the previous V8 version LS500 and develops the same level of performance but with better fuel consumption figures and emissions, while also minimizing the noise and vibration. Has 420 HP (415 hp) and 599 Nm of torque, is capable of getting 5 seconds to make the 0 to 100 km/h.

The technology package is very important, since a audio system Mark Levinson 3D of last generation up touch-screen 12.3-inch rectangular for the infotainment system and navigation. One of the novelties is a pedestrian detection intuitive and active steering, which allows the vehicle to identify pedestrians that might run over, it stops automatically and dodges, while trying not to get out of the own lane.