Lexus LS+ Concept, design and technology go hand in hand in this prototype

One of the many novelties of Living in Tokyo in the form of a prototype is the Lexus LS+ Concept. Takes the basis of the current model LS of the signature premium, but the reason for this concept is no other than to show us a new design exercise. Perhaps this might be something futuristic, but we cannot discuss the aggressiveness and elegance in equal parts which transmits this Lexus LS+ Concept by its four sides. Without a doubt, it is quite daring.

Everything seems to indicate that this prototype seeks to convey how things could be language design of the japanese brand here a few years. Our eyes are inevitably to that great grill, although it maintains the forms of the current brand image, grow a lot on the surface, something that is increased thanks to the fine blue lines that increase the sense of three-dimensionality. To all this style of design Lexus calls it “L-finesse”.

rear of the body also seeks to, above all, that sense of volume with multiple and thin lines that appear in both the pilot lights are in the lower corners of the bumper, drawing in her behind a few identical shapes to the grill. In the side, the tires of gigantic dimensions, with a design very closed, the absence of rear-view mirrors as such – are replaced by cameras – and the door handles flush with the body, transmits a greater sense of fluidity.

But the Lexus LS+ Concept does not presume only of bodywork and aesthetic eye-catching. This model also uses a driving system autonomous with artificial intelligence that aims to reach the production models in the year 2020 and which is currently in testing phase. According to informs the own Lexus, this system would be able to take control and drive with safety on motorways, performing by himself, lane changes, overtaking and maintain the safety distance with the car ahead of us. This technology is referred to as a “Teammate Highway” by nippon mark.

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