Lexus RC F 2017: what’s new aesthetic and suspension AVS

The new Lexus RC F
is already a reality. The version more sporty and radical coupe
Lexus receives an overhaul with interesting new developments both in section
both aesthetics and technical equipment. Before entering into the details, there is that
make clear that level of aesthetics or image, there is no significant change as
well we will see it all adds up to a new color and rims.


The new Lexus RC F 2017 is presented in partnership with interesting news.

So it is, the new Lexus RC F 2017 opens the color “Caviar” to the body while the brand has added to the range a few new forged wheels 19-inch of size and sporty design. The rest of the exterior continues as up to date. That is to say, it will continue enjoying its aggressive look and distinct from the rest of the range RC thanks to an aerodynamically more elaborate. An example of this is the rear spoiler retractable. To do this we add the characteristic exhaust quad trapezoidal in shape, or the emblem “F” of the front grill.

Leaving to one side the outside, and taking a look at the images of the passenger compartment, to the naked eye will cost to see the changes introduced by Lexus. It seems that everything continues as it has up until now. However, it is not so. It has been installed on the system Scout GPS Link that allows us to make use of an application on the smartphone to connect it to the system of info-entertainment and the display of seven inches (which is handled through the Touch Pad or by voice command) to show maps of the web browser and the instructions “step-by-step”.

on the other hand, we already anticipate a while ago that Lexus will offer a series suspension AVS in the entire range F Sport from versions 2017. Said and done. Another of the novelties with which the new RC F will arrive at dealers is the suspension adaptive variable. The system determines the level of damping necessary depending on the situation and can react in less than 2.5 milliseconds. In addition, in the case of the Lexus RC F, we also add the impact absorption system, semi-active with 16 different configurations.


Among other changes, adds the suspension, adaptive AVS and a new color for the bodywork.

suspension AVS account with a hydro-pneumatic accumulators that provide a high oil pressure to limit the amount of rebound of the suspension experiencing after hitting the potential obstacles that we go through during the driving. This translates into driving more comfortable and enjoyable. Even speeds important.

are There changes to the mechanistic level? Well, the truth is that it does not. The new Lexus RC F 2017 will continue to be powered by the same block that is currently being used. That is to say, a engine V8 5.0-liter atmospheric with 477 HP and 530 Nm maximum torque associated with a gearbox eight-speed automatic and a system of rear-wheel drive.

Thanks to this mechanism, the RC F is capable of accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and achieve a maximum speed of 270 km/h. The new RC F will continue to count with the selector switch of driving modes that will allow us to choose between the following profiles: Normal, Sport S, Sport S+ and Eco. Each of them will adapt the response of the engine and the transmission.