Lexus records the denomination UX how New compact crossover to the view?


Lexus is preparing a new compact crossover

it has Recently been discovered that Lexus has registered the names UX 200, UX 250 and UX 250h in Australia. These speak a lot about the new model it refers to and how it will be in your range. Some rumors point towards a SUV seven seater however we chose to talk about a new compact crossover.

New crossover access

you Already know that every one of the acronyms of the models, Lexus have a lot of meaning. In this case (UX), it is an open question whether the “Or” that composes the name of this new model but we are clear that the “X” makes a clear reference to a vehicle “Crossover”.

In terms of its mechanics, reveals a range formed by two petrol engines atmospheric, 2.0 litres for the UX 200 and 2.5 litres on the UX 250, since there is no “t” in his nomenclature, as in the case of the Lexus NX 200t. The hybrid variant UX 250h makes reference to a new propellant electrified located somewhere between the one used in the CT 200h (136 HP) and the NX 300h (197CV). On systems of traction does not know anything but expect versions of front-wheel drive and total.


The new Toyota C-HR could serve as a basis for the

All these assumptions make us think of a crossover below the Lexus NX. A new model of access to the range of vehicles and SUV-like approach premium that will compete with the new Audi Q2, BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA among others.

Recently, Toyota unveiled the C-HR production with their four meters long approximate fit perfectly as the base for this new model of Lexus. Let us remember that, for example, the NX (4.890 meters long) has a lot to do with the Toyota RAV4.