Lexus UX Concept: the japanese brand suggests to us the arrival of a new SUV, a rival for the Audi Q2?

Lexus is not willing to miss the, next, Paris Salon 2016 and in fact has a strong novelty prepared. It’s called Lexus UX and yes it is a new SUV, but… where it is positioned in the brand? it Seems that this crossover will be, when it comes to production, the little brother of the Lexus NX, which, of course, leaves us with a perfect opponent for the newcomer Audi Q2.

a Few steps from wheel well-marked, a behind starring a peculiar optical group… there is no doubt that we are faced with a Lexus, design makes it really clear and even though it’s still a conceptual model, we can guess pretty well as it could be the production model derived from this concept.

By now Lexus has not given great details of this model, in fact only revealed to us a picture of your behind, but it has been mentioned that the brand wants to attract “a public and advanced city that is moving in an environment which is always connected to”, which reinforces the idea that this model will be located between the B-SUV, as an alternative to the mentioned Audi.

We will have to wait for the Paris for more details on this model, to view the article in detail, to get more images and know more about their future. Since then doesn’t paint anything wrong with this new crossover japanese.