Lexus will display the LC 500 in Detroit 2016

Lexus will not only live to sell hybrids, also has room in its range for performance cars with engines of more conventional. In the teaser you can appreciate the sound of a V8 engine the maximum power of a large displacement, surely the 5.0 out of the house.

this Is the production version of the LF-LC Concept, which will be called Lexus LC 500, according to an anonymous source of confidence. In other words, a coupe bigger than the Lexus RC, anticipated by the majestic prototype of 2012. In fact, the abbreviation LC stands for “Luxury Coupe”. So that you can intuit under the camouflage, aesthetically it will be very similar to the prototype.

There are several spy photos of the Lexus LC rolling down to Germany, where they have been doing tests. Version 5.0 V8, with at least 477 HP, it will not be the only you receive this coupe. it is Also expected a hybrid engine high-flying, LC 500h. This version is displayed on the next big event, the Geneva motor show, accompanying the LC 500 as the first european.

We will have the definitive information Monday 18:45, cet.