Liberty is studying formulas to increase the competitiveness of the smaller teams


Ross Brawn has been made in statements to Radio 4 BBC that Liberty Media is already working on get teams to modest of the Formula 1 to gain competitiveness in pursuit of an improvement of the show.

The british engineer, now head of the division of sports of the category, believes that “the DNA of the F1 has always been a technical challenge right, and I think that it is healthy, there is a need of different cars and it is also necessary for the fans that there are cycles of competitiveness of different teams. But it is excessive at this time, so we have to look at it and see how to reverse it, because the margin between the head and the tail is dramatic”, said.

According to Brawn, there are two ways to get it: one balancing the distribution of benefits arising from the commercial rights and the other establishing formulae that allow to reduce costs for that are not necessary budgets unaffordable for the majority of the participants. “Certainly we’re going to have a complete list of target and one of them will be to enable the small teams to stay by themselves. This is related to the money that is paid to the teams, but on the other hand also the cost of competing and offering a spectacle decent”.

But Brawn is aware that in the first case, not much can be done until 2020, at which time expires the Agreement of the Concordia signed by all the equipment, and regulates how it distributes the money. “Regarding the money paid to the teams, there is not much to do until the commercial agreements are reviewed again. But in the cost of the equipment, I think the commercial rights holder has valid ideas for trying to achieve it”, ended.