Liberty Media brings the Formula 1 in video to social networks


The first day of test at Circuit de
Barcelona-Catalonia has not only served to give the starting signal for the
preseason 2017 of the World
Formula 1 and a new stage technique with
cars faster, more aerodynamic and attractive,
but also to see
the first steps of Liberty Media
to the front of the category. And time, to
tenor of the activity of the teams on social networks, everything indicates that
there are
a new policy in regard to the contents
that are shared on social media.

As reveals ‘Autosport’, there is an agreement between the teams
Formula 1 and Liberty Media to
to be able to film and upload short videos to
the social networks during the test in Barcelona
, with the goal of starting to
exploit digital and social media, something that had just explored
until now. In fact, the holder of the commercial rights of the Formula 1 had been imposed up to now a serious
stringent constraints to record and
sharing videos that had been filmed in the interior of the circuits.

The fact to be able to record short-form videos for its use
on social networks
, it has become apparent during the first day of the test in
own official profiles of the teams, any time during the first
day of test have shared videos of the cars on the track, entering
boxes or with small interventions of the pilots to modes of short
statements. All in all,
this measure only has effect during the first
week of test
, although it is understood that the base toward easing in the face
at the start of the season.

All in all, this measure can be taken as a first step
to change
that even drivers like Lewis Hamilton have claimed and that
Liberty Media is in his hand to perform. In this aspect,
the interaction between
the teams, drivers and fans can be much greater
and this has been patent
during the afternoon session in which the own Lewis Hamilton has shared
their impressions from the passenger compartment of the Mercedes W08 through your profile official
in the social network Instagram.