Liberty Media is working on a plan of expansion digital to the Formula 1


Sean Bratches is the figure designated by Liberty Media to rejuvenate the commercial network inherited from Bernie Ecclestone. The already ex-manager of the television rights and financial aspects of the Formula 1 left multiple contracts that are far from follow the desires of Liberty Media to expand the category among the fans, both in person and through various media.

One of the key aspects is the exploitation of the digital resources that the current technology puts at our fingertips and Sean Bratches is working on a comprehensive plan to enhance the presence of the Formula 1 in all kinds of devices and platforms. “it’s Going to be a series of contact points of the consumers in the future will be very proactive and one of them will be digital. We are in the process right now of re-imagining our entire portfolio of digital assets for the web, apps, social networks, OTT, and we really see that as an opportunity to engage a wide base of fans”.

in Addition, the television rights represent the majority of the commercial income, both for Liberty and for the teams, and Bratches believes that the platforms of pay-per-view must take advantage of, but not all countries are prepared to do so and must treat each case individualized. “I don’t Think you can look at it as a whole, look at it territory by territory. There are some markets where the payment against the penetration of television free of charge is extremely high. The economic benefits are there, and makes it a little easier to make that movement. There are also some markets where the penetration of pay-tv is low in relation to the free tv, which makes them a little more difficult. We’re working on that”, said Bratches in statements to Motorsport.


In some countries, the audiences have dropped significantly when broadcast Formula 1 in pay tv and the sponsors have shown their concern for it. Bratches want to find a balance to keep everyone satisfied. “it Is difficult to ignore the income payment, but at the same time, we are in a position in F1 where we’re trying to build our brand and increase the number of sponsors that are investing in our brand, our concept and our vision. Have a combination of both is an appropriate mix in the future. We will make that decision territory by territory”, said the Commercial Director of Formula 1.