Liberty Media puts an end to the era of Bernie Ecclestone


Bernie Ecclestone is outside of the Formula 1, or, better said,
away from the scepter of command. This has been confirmed own Ecclestone in
statements to
‘Auto Motor und Sport’, in which Bernie has explained that
it is not
“head of the company”
and that Chase Carey will take his place as
CEO and Director of the Formula 1, rallying all the power in his hands after his
appointment as president of the same in the month of September. With this
confirms the new strategy of Liberty Media in his role
the majority shareholder of the
Formula 1.

I Was deposed today claimed Bernie Ecclestone in
‘AMuS’, where in addition to added: “I’ve gone. It’s official. I am no longer the leader of
the company.
My post has been taken over by Chase Carey and my new position is one
of these terms american. It is something like an honorary president. I have
this title now, although I do not know very well which means.
My days in the office
more and more will be quiet now
. Maybe attend a Grand Prix in any
time in the future. I still have many friends in Formula 1 and still
I have enough money to be able to attend a race.”

his 86-year-old Bernie Ecclestone passes the baton to Chase
, a man oblivious to the world engine that has been linked to sports such as
rugby or baseball, in addition to being a well respected executive in the television sector, where he has garnered notable successes as manager of the Fox Broadcasting
or on DirectTV. As a result,
Chase Carey is President and General Manager of
Operations of News Corporation
, a major media conglomerate of
communication at the international level. With all and in a profile, more sporty, it is rumored that Ross Brawn could accompany Carey on your task.