Liberty seeks a schedule balanced to overcome the 21 races


The legacy left by Bernie Ecclestone is hampering a lot of things to the administrators of the Formula 1, but Sean Bratches, marketing Director of the category, working hard to unravel some of the key points to get to a Formula 1 closer to the model that Liberty Media intends to establish.

Greater closeness with the fans and a competition more equitable and spectacular are surely priority objectives and the calendar of races is one of the keys to achieving it.

Sean Bratches admits that aspire to overcome the 21 races that are currently confirmed for 2018, but it wants to do with the consensus among the teams. “we Want to work together with our teams to determine where to go, but what we would like is to overcome the 21 races. We have a study of economic impact on the market to really understand the benefits of leading the circus of the Formula 1 to a city, a country, a municipality. So we began to identify an optimum schedule in the regions appropriate”, said Bratches in statements to Autosport.

the Commercial Director of the category is aware that the increase in the calendar represents an extra effort for teams at all levels, and to minimize all this, and that would compensate, looks for different formulas. “Carries a toll, both physical, as emotional and economic, we should work closely, where is the limit and what makes sense for all”, said Bratches, affirming that it is not their intention “have many races in a row, we try to align them better by territories, careers, european, american, asian… but it is complicated by meteorology and the management of the contracts”, the result of the inheritance of Ecclestone.

Another of the important points is to try to avoid overlap with important events, not only in the world of the motor as the Indianapolis 500, the 24 Hours of Le Mans or the grand prix MotoGP, but with other kind of sports. “we’re very interested in doing what’s best for the fans, to the extent of avoiding that match competitive sports. The next year there is a weekend in which the finals of Wimbledon and the hypothetical end of the World Cup could be the same day that the Grand Prix of Great Britain. Would it not be better to celebrate it that day,”, said Bratches about it.