Liberty wants to take the 'show' F1 Marseille, Berlin or Miami


The ‘F1 Live London’ caused a sensation not only among the thousands of fans who flocked to an event, revolutionary in the recent history of Formula 1, closed to cal y canto to the public, regardless of the activity in the circuits, but for all the fans of the premier class who were able to enjoy the audio-visual content through the social networks that much power lately Liberty Media.

Thanks to this good reception, the new mandarins of the Formula 1 arise “something similar in Marseille, Berlin, Milan, Shanghai, and Miami”, in the words of Sean Bratches, marketing director of the category. However, this event will be held “not so many cars” and, in addition, “will not be so great”, one shows that the approach was a success, but also that those responsible for directing the steps of the sport that previously operated Bernie Ecclestone is concerned about the economic welfare of the same.

we Believe that this contact with the public outside of the circuits is important

“we Believe that this contact with the public outside the circuits it is important to”. The platform of live broadcast that raises Liberty, in addition to this show, set the lines that you want to continue to Carey, Brawn and Bratches, an address in the trust to involve all of the pilots of the grill, and not given situations as the absence of Lewis Hamilton in the event prior to the Grand Prix of Great Britain 2017. “Carries a message to our people, which would not get otherwise. Formula 1 has been too exclusively in the past few years, and was only accessible to the people interested. The same goes with the sponsors. There is a lot of interest on the part of businesses that are not even in Formula 1”, concluded Bratches.