License plates custom, an excellent idea that Spain wasted

we would All be happier if tuition fees custom were legal, I assure you. In Spain, since there are vehicles on the road, never have allowed personalized plates. In addition, always have been, in chronological order, even when we launched the current four numbers and three letters. Is very different in countries such as the united States, where the plates have a random combination of numbers and letters, thus allowing the personalized plates. Why is not allowed in Spain? why are they a good idea?

Is a curious case in the us. For a time I lived in the US, and I had to buy a car. When I went to register in the state of New Jersey – she was from another state – I asked him if he wanted to put a registration custom. In the case of New Jersey, the cost was $ 200. In addition, could choose a different background for the tuition, with a slogan different from the classic “Garden State”. In its time I stayed with the tuition of conventional by a question merely economic.

bachata-placaBut it was common to see circular cars with license plates personalized. For example, an acquaintance named Robert, who drove a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 from the 90’s, had in its tuition “ROB ZR1”. It was a kind of game for me to go looking for license plates custom, some of them are really inventive. Others were absurd and other directly surrealists: I remember visiting Washington DC and seeing a Hyundai Veloster on whose tuition could be read clearly “BACHATA”. As you can see, it was not a joke.

where I want to go with this? To license plates custom solution is a win-win for Government and motorists. To drivers allows them to express a message or simply give a more personal touch to your car. For the Government – or the DGT in our case – it would be a good source of income, which perhaps could be used to repair our roads or relieve the pressure of the radars. Would you be willing to pay 150 or 200 euros for having a license plate personalized and your car or bike? I do.


The example british

In some european countries already allow personalized plates. the United Kingdom is the clearest example. The traffic management performs even auctions of numberings “hot”. If someone wants to customize their enrollment, enters into the web of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency, and see how much it would cost. My partner Dani has explained the process in an in-depth article, so simply I’ll go through the conclusions: United Kingdom obtained a great source of income from the sale of license plates personalized.

In the Uk you have come to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds – even millions – of tuition as “F1”.

in Addition, also allow the sale of license plates between individuals, which are associated with the holder of a driving licence and are non-transferable. In Spain the fees are associated to the vehicle and are non-transferable. The auction of license plates is especially interesting, and it is extremely lucrative to the exchequer. If someone is willing to pay 300,000 euros for having a license plate only, who will stop? It is a true win-win that we were completely out.


And what happens in Spain?

it Would be very interesting. Would require a certain adaptation on the part of public administrations, and they would have to adapt the computer systems of traffic, but would not require a much greater investment. Of course – and as already happens in other countries – is banning license plates with messages that are offensive or profane, but this still leaves a lot of room to maneuver. The most you can do in Spain is rematricular our car – without any practical benefit – or register it as historical if you have more than 25 years.

Beyond acrylic plates, in Spain we have very few customization options.

of course, there would be some picaresque between individuals if you allow the sale of tuition: how much it would take somebody in buy a registration to “warm up” and resell it at a higher price? But on the other hand, so does the free market, and if someone is profiting from it, they’re welcome. All these operations would be taxed by the Treasury, which would gain revenue on each transaction. The same thing with auctions: how much would you pay Cristiano Ronaldo for a license plate “RM CR7” for his Ferrari?

range-rover-sport-svr-prueba-dm-david-clavero-18-mapdmFrom here we encourage who we are reading in the DGT to implement such a system. Although you do lose the reference of registration history of the car – to the naked eye at least – license plates custom could continue living together with the tuition of conventional and all transactions would be collected in Traffic, allowing a traceability of the age and number of owners of the vehicle. Really I do not see what inconvenience could be the widespread implementation of license plates custom.