Ligier JS P217: so it would be the car of Fernando Alonso for the 24h of Daytona

has been concocting lies with the possible entry of Fernando Alonso in the 24 hours of Daytona. But they remained as rumours of the press, however in the last GP of the united States, in a statement made by the own Alonso has confirmed that he would like to be present in more competitions in american territory to be asked about it. In addition he stated that “I’d like to live more races in America and one could be in January, the 24 hours of Daytona. That would be fine.”.

And the average Racer assures that it will be, I take it for granted and ensure that Fernando Alonso will be racing for United Autosports along with Lando Norris as teammate. And even dan confirmed that it will also make a test before Abu Dhabi to adapt to the prototype that will lead and that is as the that is also used for the 24 hours of Le Mans and will also serve as a preparation for this other category, that also have an interest. In addition remember that it would not be a problem, since the owner of United Autosports is Zak Brown… And in addition on January do not interfere with any F1 race, or even with the preseason, as they are in full preparation of the car to finalize the details of the presentations of the new cars of 2018.

well, the car that pilotaría would be the Ligier JS P217 in the property of the team of Zak. This is a prototype of Le Mans in LMP2 with a carbon-fibre chassis modeling to have a high aerodynamic efficiency. Its total weight is something less than 1 ton and get a power of 600 HP, that is to say, approximately 610 HP of power generated in your engine. To transmit that power to the tires has a transmission designed by the british group Hewland. A firm that has already created boxes of change for other categories, including Formula E. Such a box has 6 speeds and a lightweight housing of magnesium.

The front suspension is a double whisbones push-rod activated, while the rear is something more simple but similar characteristics. These elements will have to withstand the vibrations and bumps in the path when your engine Gibson GK-428 4.2-liter is set to roar. Gibson Technology is another british group dedicated to the technologies of competition that works very actively for some categories such as Le Mans prototype LMP2. The engine is a V8 aspirated, that is to say, a naturally aspirated engine without any turbo-charger.

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