Like a butterfly leaving the cocoon, this Mitsubishi Lancer emerges from its shell ice cream

to Park a car next to a lake in a day the temporary is a bad idea. And it is even worse if the temperatures are frigid. You may happen what happened a couple days ago Justin Yelen, who was out for drinks with his friends on the shore of Lake Erie, to the north of the state of New York, in the USA The temperatures were frigid, and the result was that his poor Mitsubishi Lancer was wrapped in a layer of solid ice 10 centimeters thick. How did you get him out of his shell frozen?

If you don’t want that you happen something similar to your car, do not let parked next to a lake with temporal and sub-zero temperatures.

The irony of the matter is that this happened to Justin Yelen for being responsible. Went to dinner with some friends and ended up taking a few drinks. Instead of driving on the drive home he asked one of his friends to take him, already pick up the car the next day. When he went to pick it up, he was found covered in 10 centimeters of ice, hard as a rock. The truck of aid was that break its shell ice cream by pulling the car with a winch, leaving a part of the “mold” as proof of the crime.

The car was taken towed to a mechanic, where the car was covered in 150 kilos of calcium chloride. This product desiccant will soften the ice, and with the help of stoves, maybe in a few days the Lancer re-roll without problems. Before you do this, it must be inspected, since the ice could have caused damage to bodywork and mechanics. So remember, it is okay not to drive after drinking, but perhaps it would be better to park the car in a place where it can’t freeze.

Source: Jalopnik
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