Like it or not, in the future there will be no mirrors

Why there will be no mirrors in the future? Very simple. The high-resolution cameras are inexpensive, increasingly screens. Mirrors, while protruding from the body, are likely to suffer strokes, dirty, penalize the aerodynamics, not so much as to affect efficiency, consumption, but also because they can penalize ride quality, generating aerodynamic noise. To make matters worse, the cameras can provide a more complete visibility, improve safety by preventing blind spots exist. Even with good lenses and good sensors, they may be able to improve the clarity of the image in such difficult conditions as contrasts, reflections of the sun or in the dark of night. In Continental are clear and know that in the future there will be mirrors.

Test Renault Eolab: I traveled to the future, I liked it and came back to tell what the Renault of the next decade

For the same reason they are working on technologies to replace all of our cars rearview cameras and displays . Remember Continental, best known for its tires, also it develops solutions for everything from chassis components and brake equipment, to electronic systems. That is the reason why they have taken a Mercedes CLS – which has replaced a star on the front and the steering wheel emblem Continental – and has revamped its dashboard to make room for a display screen you probably result overwhelming.

No topics at the moment it is a makeshift solution to test technology . When a year ago we offered our test Renault Eolab, and we found that the successful integration of the screens will be a critical point for the driver is familiar with the disappearance of the exterior mirrors. That will be one of the problems we have to solve the manufacturers.


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camera systems, complementing or replacing the mirrors, will be vital to improve the safety of heavy vehicles.

The other problem, very obvious, get the authorities to legislate for cars without “physical” mirrors , will instead use cameras and screens. It is likely that some skeptical point precisely that problem to raise what would happen if the cameras or screens, stop working due to a defect. What is the probability that the failure occurs? What is the probability that a car runs out mirror on any slight shock to suffer in town?

In any case, one of the most interesting applications, and probably the first begin to be implemented, will be to install these systems in heavy vehicles , vans, trucks and buses. Like parking cameras, and peripheral vision systems are already chafing saving unnecessary or even abuses, parking cameras should gain popularity in the coming years and establish itself as an alternative to mirror life.


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And you, prescindirĂ­as of mirrors on the bodywork of your car?

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Test Renault Eolab: I traveled to the future, I liked it and came back to tell what the Renault of the next decade

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