Limit to the different aerodynamics of the LMP1


Point and end. The ASO has limited the development of different aerodynamic configurations in LMP1. In this way, the manufacturers present in this category may only use three aerodynamic configurations in their LMP1 throughout the season 2016, while the number of aerodynamic package will be reduced to two in 2017. With this measure it seeks to cut to the root of the escalation of costs that has been produced throughout 2015 in the WEC and return gradually to rules to a situation of stability with the use of two models of the aerodynamic.

The usual dynamics of the championship invited to use two aerodynamic configurations. The first aero kit is specific for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, in which the manufacturers sought to reduce the resistance of their prototypes and improve the speed on the long straights of La Sarthe. A second package with more downforce is used in the rest of dating of the Endurance World. However, the increase of competition in 2015 has led to Audi and Porsche to develop different aerodynamic package to cope with the increased specialization possible for each one of the tests of the WEC.

Porsche and Audi would be used in 2015, at least three bodies different, and even is considering the possibility of a fourth aerodynamic package in the case of the signing of Stuttgart. A pace that will not be repeated in the coming seasons thanks to a new standard that is by drafting, but that pautarĂ¡ the changes that can be made and which items will remain intact according to approval. The pair, also shall certify a reduction of hours of wind tunnel, the use of the technology CFD and the number of test days for each one of the manufacturers.