Lincoln Continental 2016, to the point of unfolding the most luxurious of the american

At the beginning of this year, Lincoln, a subsidiary of Ford, we presented the prototype of the Continental. A iconic model on the other side of the puddle, and that has always represented the highest expression of luxury american. Today, that prototype is close to becoming reality. The Lincoln Continental 2016 is almost finished.


The front is almost bare, and their appearance is truly elegant

The truth is that we were a few months that we had lost the track. From the past month of April had seen circular. Devoid of all that amount of camouflage, the big saloon american shows almost definitive, with many elements shared with the Continental Concept that we saw at the beginning of the year.

A style very blunt and to design solutions as bold as ingenious as classical. An example is the door handles, located almost in the framework of the windows, or the brake light, extended that occupies the entire rear. A trait very distinctive to the brand, and we can see in other models such as the MKZ.

Where there is no wait but the best of the best in its interior. The fame of Lincoln is given for their quality, luxury, refinement and comfort, and all of these attributes and adjectives must be made patents more if it fits in the Mainland, from which first saw the light originally in 1939, has stood from the rest in all these aspects.

The brake light extended is a trademark of the house Lincoln

In regards to mechanics, there are many questions that you have about what blocks and powers will come with the Continental 2016. Originally has always used V8 engines, but the new regulations must be implemented, so that it would not be anything strange to see some smallest motor in the range. Yes, the V8 will still be present, being able to share them with the Ford Mustang.