Lincoln Continental 2017: what happens when Ford intends to produce a Bentley

Ford is already working on the reinvention of its subsidiary luxury in the united States, Lincoln. A company is nothing simple, when we consider the brutal competition existing on the other side of the Atlantic in the category of premium and luxury vehicles. Lincoln wants to reinvent itself in two essential markets, in the local, of the united States, and China. And for this work on the launch of a new range of models, that focus all their efforts on the segments of higher volume, the sedan and the SUV. And among all of them highlight, with a light of its own, this Lincoln Continental 2017, so something like a Bentley simmered on the stoves of Detroit. And not only talking about your name…

Lincoln wants to get back on track starting with a luxury sedan and representation, the Lincoln Continental.

The respect of his denomination, we have very clear that this is not a crude copy of Ford to Bentley, or much less. The emblem Lincoln Continental dates back to the late thirties, long before she was born, the emblem Bentley Continental. But you will be with me in that the proposal from Lincoln, saving all distances possible, yes has a lot to say about the evolution that has suffered the british brand in recent years. Lincoln wants to re-connect with your clients with a proposal of luxury and comfort, but also technology.

, And its proposal more important is called a Lincoln Continental.


This model will be marketed in the united States with a V6 engine of 3.0 liters, with dual turbo, which will produce around 400 horsepower, teamed to an all-wheel drive system with a distribution system torque vector.

Shall have all the driving aids possible, settings for driving mode-Comfort, Normal and Sport; suspension, adaptive steering, independent variable; system of detection of pedestrians with braking automatic; adaptive cruise control with function of driving semi-autonomously in traffic jams; system of cameras in 360-degree, etc., etc.

lincoln-continental-2017-01beyond that, the Lincoln Continental aims to offer levels of comfort and distinction unpublished to date in the brand. In its exquisite interior, which mixes finished and trimmed of skin, apparently of great quality, with other details less flashy which may not accept in Europe, we will find seats with fit in 30 tracks. Seats that as Lincoln have been inspired on those used in the private jets and in the office furniture luxury.

The rear seats can also recline and are heated and ventilated, will have access to audio settings, climate control, massage, and lots of space for the legs.


Obviously, it is a car that has been designed to use the services of a chauffeur. But the problem remains that over the last few years, and decades, the europeans, the japanese, and even koreans, they have managed to obtain an advantageous position in the luxury market american, stabilize, and even to maintain its growth. Will it be too late for Lincoln to amend their mistakes? Will this Lincoln Continental the solution that I needed?

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