Lincoln could close by 2016 as their best year in the Chinese market

Lincoln Continental 2017

Lincoln is to Ford the same that Buick at General Motors and the history that lives in the signature of the three shields is the live of the star. For both brands, the chinese market has become their lifeline, because the sales they were making at their market home were not sufficient for their matrices to the keeping life. In the case of Lincoln was walking a tightrope for several years now that the average age of your customer is not kept up and was causing that the rate of return on purchases to fall to historical lows (something similar to what happened to Mercedes-Benz).

however, after the face wash that you have been given the signature blue oval it seems that is now living a new youth. In this new age have become indispensable to the new models that are coming, a technological burden higher and of course have increased their presence in China. The asian country worships the sedans large and luxurious and this Lincoln is a specialist.

Lincoln MKX Concept Salón de Pekín 2014

signature premium Ford Engine came to China in the year 2014 and in this brief period of time has become a key market. The reason is that this year that we are finalizing will be closed its sales with a growth three times higher to that obtained in the past by 2015. This balance has been thanks to have 65 dealers spread across the major cities of the country although they do not rule out to continue to create more centers to further enhance its presence.

however they are still a lot of work to do, as their main rivals, Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz are still well above it. The first has managed to enroll in the year so far, more than 100,000 and the second has sold nothing less than 430.000 units. These numbers contrast with the low 30,000 units it has sold to Lincoln this year, but according to Kumar Galhotra, president of Lincoln, what is important is the progression that is taking the signature.

For the next year 2017 Lincoln will be hoping to improve even more these sales already that will incorporate to his range china more models. Among them, the heavy part will be on the SUV’s as they are the segment of the market that have the largest number of sales included in the country. In addition, there will also be updates to models that are already selling in the country, in order to show the most current possible compared to the competition.

Source – Lincoln