Lincoln MKZ: luxury sedan well planted that maybe you want to see in Europe

The last news we had about the average profile of the client of Lincoln was around 60 years. Like what you hear. With a panorama like this, and with how hard things have been since the japanese luxury manufacturers of Detroit, on the other hand, have searched, Lincoln had to reinvent itself. And the key to this is a line of luxury goods, but above all cool and technological. And that is where comes into play your sedan of reference, the Lincoln MKZ. A product that we love, and we wish to see in Europe, but that unfortunately will not come to be marketed in this our old continent.

Lincoln MKZ is the saloon of reference of the section of luxury from Ford.

on the one hand, I would love that Ford would have advocated for bringing to its subsidiary luxury Europe to open up a way between the premium manufacturers. A movement is anything but simple, in both the cultural barrier – in terms of car – between the united States and Europe remains important. In its place, Ford has made a strong commitment in Europe by a line of distinguished Vignale, on products such as the Mondeo. It is another way of understanding the approach to premium, but much less so rewarding as it would have been to see this new Lincoln MKZ at the dealers in europe.


beyond that, the Lincoln MKZ will be launched with a gasoline engine, six-cylinder, turbo, and 400 CV of power, the 3.0 GTDI V6 awd. It will also be available with an engine more modest, a 2.0 GTDI 245 HP of power and front-wheel drive.


On-board, you see, the Lincoln MKZ account with upholstered worthy of a luxury car, skin, noble, and wood inserts. In any case – maybe it’s a thing of mine – it continues to enjoy a somewhat old fogy, only attenuated by the entertainment team in the center console, and a digital scorecard.

In any case, do not firmaríais that Lincoln ever came to Europe just to see this MKZ between Mercedes, Audis and Jaguars?

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