Lincoln Navigator Concept: understated luxury and gullwing doors for a flagship SUV

The great luxury is the preserve almost exclusively of huge sedans of representation, but little by little the segment of the large SUV premium begins to fill up with alternatives. The Lincoln Navigator Concept inherits a legacy of high, the great tradition of SUV full-size american origin, whose top-line is always called Lincoln Navigator. It is larger than the Audi Q7, Range Rover or Bentley Bentayga, and is also intended to be much more spacious. This prototype anticipates the future flagship in the key SUV of the Ford Group.

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like the Lincoln Continental, under its hood there will be a new engine 3.5 V6 EcoBoost 400 HP of power.

Aesthetically, the Lincoln Navigator Concept closely resembles the Lincoln Continental that we’ve already seen dress production. Of the great saloon inherits an elegant calender front, with a lot of personality. Although their forms are those of a large SUV, have made its aspect graph has a touch dynamic. Perhaps it is the work of the LED optics or the tire type turbine of at least 20 inches in diameter. In behind, a huge band of LEDs crosses the car, underlining the modern aspect of the optical rear LEDS.


Is definitely a car that feels modern and fresh, with a touch even minimalist in its design. The design direction that you are taking Lincoln decidedly I like it. At the mechanistic level, is expected to be built on a new chassis, make use of the advances in aluminum construction developed by the Ford Group and in addition to equip a new engine under its bonnet. Goodbye to the V8 atmospheric, in her gut only to find a 3.5 V6 EcoBoost with two turbochargers and 400 CV of power maximum.

Four plush seats and… what gullwing doors with stairs?

The sound equipment Lincoln Revel Audio gives six occupants a sound experience of high fidelity.

Lincoln Navigator Concept surprises with its luxurious interior, six seater, but I’m surprised a lot more access to the same. The doors are gull-wing – or rather wing of a vulture, because of its size – and have a size simply gigantic. It is clear that the production model will have doors conventional, because these doors were impossible to open in any garage or parking space close. To access the compartment, three steps motorized and illuminated unfold, creating a ladder for access.

lincoln-navigator-concept-7Is a resource that we had seen in luxury motorhomes, buses… but never in a SUV, for very large it may be. Once in the cockpit, surprising the refinement of the materials and the design, in the abundant use of crown moldings, polished metal, and shades of gray. seats are up to 30 possibilities of adjustment – laugh of the seats AGR of the new Opel Astra – and behind each seat there is a screen with full connectivity to your smartphone, which also boasts of connectivity through a WiFi hotspot.

Since the Lincoln Navigator Concept has been inspired on luxury yachts, in its trunk has enabled a small locker in which to store all the necessary equipment for a day at the sea. This prototype also anticipates advanced technologies for driving assistance for the production model: detection and braking automatically to pedestrians, assistant lane keeping system, or a system of parking assistance with cameras of 360 degrees. I can’t out of my head its huge doors.


Source: Lincoln
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