Lincoln will remain committed to sedans despite the decision of Ford to remove them from your catalog

Despite the fact that Ford announced that starting in 2020 its model range will be composed only by crossovers and pic-kups, Lincoln confirmed that it will maintain its commitment to the sedans and will continue to be marketed to the Continental and MKZ.

yer Ford us surprised with its decision to remove from their catalog american in all of its sedans, including the Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo, a revelation that made him think in the possibility that Lincoln, your brand focused on luxury, might come to suffer the same fate.

however, according to statements from a spokesperson of the brand, the u.s. firm will continue to be faithful to their tradition and the sedans will continue to form part of their range for the united States. Lincoln MKZ and Lincoln Continental will remain in production, despite the fact that their sales have decreased in recent years, and the american manufacturer already think of their relays generational.

The new Lincoln MKZ is planned for 2020, while the next Lincoln Continental will not come until two years after. Company sources have already confirmed that the next Continental will recover its traditional rear doors “suicide” and like the smaller version the offer of engines will be enhanced with a hybrid version plug-in.

With respect to its range of crossovers in addition to MKC, MKX, MXT and Navigator, in a little time more will arrive to the market new Lincoln Aviator and Lincoln Nautilus, while the american manufacturer has already announced its plans for the successor to the current Lincoln MKC.

The announcement Ford with respect to the withdrawal from the market of all its cars except for the crossovers and pick-ups surprised all and sundry and without a doubt it is a decision that other manufacturers may follow, especially if the move of Ford is successful. The actual preference of the public for the crossovers seems not yet to have reached its ceiling and the marks betting very strongly in order to cover all potential niches within a segment continues to grow since several years.