Linux will be the operating system in the majority in cars of this century


For software developers with many years of experience, Linux has always been a reference, an attractive, free platform in which you have been able to begin to develop and shape their first lines of code. Thanks to these developers, have emerged in many Linux-based platforms both desktop and mobile, and apparently also has and will have a special place in the brain of our cars.

The robustness and freedom of Linux has been the incentive for many manufacturers have opted for this system for your cars connected, and the result has been the creation of Automotive Grade Linux, a project that hosts a common software for cars connected.

New developers, as Oracle, Qualcomm or UIEvolution have joined this platform after the announcement of LGA Unified Code Bas, the merger of FFA with Tizen and GENIVI Alliance. UCB is responsible for controlling the navigation systems and communication, safety, and the functions of infotainment behind the wheel.


By now some car companies are integrating this software in their vehicles as Toyota, Nissan and Jaguar Land Rover and finds the doors of Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Subaru.

All indications are that Linux will become the favorite operating system for the cars as do not forget that for example Android Auto is also based on Linux.