Listen to the engine of the new McLaren-Honda MP4-31

Fecha de PresentaciĆ³n del McLaren-Honda MP4-31

The team McLaren F1 has confirmed through his Twitter account the date of presentation of its new car, McLaren-Honda MP4-31. In addition, the team from Woking also left us a little gift to brighten the hopes of putting over new single-seater with which they expect to return to the top of the grill in this new season in 2016.

In particular, allow us to hear the roar of the new Honda engine that spur the MP4-31. An engine that, by what has been known for these past few months has advanced in the right direction. By the way, pay special attention to the roar of the new engine. Personally I think it has improved but watching the results of the last season, I am happy enough with the performance and reliability of the same to improve. After that, we’ll improve your sound.

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Recently came to light that many of the employees of McLaren decided to sacrifice his Christmas holiday to to be able to work in
the car of 2016
. And the truth, I think no one can deny that the chassis
for this year points to that will be as least as good as that of the
last season. The key is that the new Honda engine (more than new
a evolution) is at the height of the car of this year.