Listen to the Porsche 911 R and enjoy the company of the 911 R of 1967 (Video)

Porsche has given a new twist to the Porsche 911, a twist that has led to the myth to be reunited with her side more purist and passionate. We speak, of course, Porsche 911 R, an alternative lightweight, with a mechanical air of 500 hp, manual gearbox and an extensive list of parts that are intended to satisfy the most burned and now we can enjoy in video.

A model created for the more purists inspired by the Porsche 911 R of 1967:

The cocktail of elements that has served Porsche to give life to the Porsche 911 R could not be more bulky and interesting. On the one hand we find the mechanical boxer-air 6 cylinders and 4 litres of cubicaje, with 500 horsepower, on the other a manual transmission, a titanium exhaust, magnesium wheels monotuerca, a configuration, two-seater, a differential mechanical, brakes carbocer├ímicos, the rear windows of plastic, bonnet and wheel arches in carbon fibre… endless attention to detail that gives shape to this wonder.

Their price for the Spanish market is of 217.468 euros but even if you have this amount available in the bank, you’ll encounter the limitation that only will be built 991 units, something that, if it were not enough with the long list of items before remembered, ensure that this Porsche 911 R is the meat of the speculation automotive.

Now yes, time to give the play:

Videos of Porsche 911 R (cameo included of one of the 23 Porsche 911 R of 1967)