Live: follow the presentation of the Jaguar E-Pace with us

Jaguar E-Pace - presentaciĆ³n en directo

Follow live with us the presentation of the Jaguar E-Pace.

In a matter of a few minutes will start the presentation of the new Jaguar E-Pace. The family SUV Jaguar continues to grow and the new member will be added to the current F-Pace is close to being unveiled. We invite you to follow live the presentation of the new E-Pace with the is through the streaming that accompanies this article. The event will take place at 21:00 (Spanish time peninsular).

During the last few months we have been following closely the development of the new Jaguar E-Pace. Although, the british brand has been very cautious to reveal details about it. Just a few images and figures of the different tests carried out or a teaser unveiled a Few weeks ago. After its launch, the next SUV that will introduce will be the Jaguar I-Pace, their first 100% electric vehicle.

Although so far we have only been able to see camouflaged units, we know that the design of the E-Pace will be directly related to that of its older brother, the F-Pace. The designers of Jaguar have made use of the latest philosophy that they are following in the development of their new models. Combine a stylized image, along with various details characteristic of an SUV and that will make it clear their off-road skills.

In regards to the engine range, the offer will be composed of different options diesel and gasoline. As it could not be otherwise, the awd will be present to ensure their ease, away from the asphalt of the big city. It will be a perfect vehicle for daily use and small getaways to the countryside or mountain. Depending on the engine selected you will be able to associate to a manual gearbox or automatic.

After this presentation at an event organised by the firm itself, the next occasion we can see him in live will be during the Frankfurt Auto show 2017 September. A short time later, you will arrive at the dealers. In Spain it will be sold with a starting price of 37.450 euros.