Live free practice 1, GP Mexico F1 2015

Free 1

All ready, already in the Rodriguez Brothers of Mexico for the start of the grand prix16:58

In 30 minutes will start the first practice session at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, after 23 years back the F1 to Mexico

Are only three races to finish the championship in 2015 of F1, but in we are going to tell live until the last curve. A few days after the test u.s., the ‘Great Circus’ moves to Mexico, where it returns to Formula 1 23 years after. Mercedes comes with the title of builders and pilots in their display cases, but Hamilton warns you that wants to win also the last three races. It will try to prevent, above all, his companion Rosberg, you will want to forget his enormous anger in Austin, and Sebastian Vettel. Between the two will play the runners-up, individual, with Ferrari having already got the teams.

The free practice sessions, if allowed by the rain, serve to balance the car and find the best configuration in a circuit unknown to all the pilots of the grill. A place in which the chassis and the entire engine is affected by the altitude at Mexico in relation to sea level. It is for this reason that McLaren has preferred to sacrifice this race, and Button and Alonso go on the bottom of the grill after change the engine (there are 22 in all year). The championship is running out, and you have to enjoy every moment before the arrival of the long winter. And where better than here, in is?